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 USES OF TALC :  Paint & Coating / Agriculture & Food / Ceramics / Paper / Plastics / Rubber
Egypt Mining

Egypt has a long history in mining that  goes back to the pre dynastic  times. The old Egyptian could discover the importance of the minerals and how to use it in order to help them in their daily life. So they could discover Iron, Copper  and other material. Also precious minerals like gold and silver. The uncounted remains of the old Egyptians can tell lots of stories about how they could deal with the earth material and profit from it.

In the modern history and after the enormous excavations, Egypt became one the countries which consider to be very rich in its natural resources  from gas, oil, gold, Iron beside many other material  such as Phosphate kaolin, calcium carbonate, talc, feldspar and many other.

        So we can frankly say that Egypt is the Land of Treasures.


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